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Patricia Spellen

Patricia Spellen and her Favorite Pastimes


Patricia SpellenPatricia Spellen enjoys nothing more than going to the gym to work out. She enjoys not only the physical exertion of weigh lifting or cardio, but also the time it gives her to reflect and put her busy life on pause, if only for an hour and a half three or so times a week.


Patricia Spellen has had a long time interest in physical fitness and has had a gym membership with Bally for over fifteen years. She has found that it greatly improves her quality of life and will sing the praises of good physical fitness to whoever will listen. She has her own work-out routines down pat, and she has determined what is best for herself through trial and error, but she recommends that people listen to their body and, with the help of a fitness professional or a great deal of research, make their own workout routine.


Patricia Spellen enjoys the social aspect of group classes, and relishes early evenings in the park doing a summer boot camp program. She also enjoys taking Zumba classes at her local gym. Nothing eases the discomfort of a rigorous exercise session than being with a group of like-minded individuals.


Patrica Spellen takes to heart the axiom that working out should be an enjoyable experience. She enjoys watching dancing with the stars exercise videos, which not only give her a fantastic cardio workout but also teach her fun new dance moves.


Patricia Spellen also engages in good old-fashioned intensive work-outs. In her time, she has probably used every machine in the gym, though she spends extra time performing abdominal exercises and squats, because these are particular challenges for her. She tries to alternate her focus on different muscles so that she doesn’t overstrain herself during her work out sessions.


Patricial Spellen also tries to do at least three solid sessions of intensive cardio a week, whether this is achieved by going on a long jog or running on a treadmill for an hour. By focusing on her physical fitness, she not only looks and feels better, but she is improving her long term and short term health.


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